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Now you can preview a compilation of more that 180 Pan-Perfect charts before you purchase with CD of every chart. The mp3's are live recordings or computer generated). The cd is free with all orders over $300 or just $10 without an order. Please use the Order Form, PO, Money Order or Check.

Author: Char Lusk

Let the tips in this book help you avoid some of the perils, pitfalls and potholes in the road to your steel band success.

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Sticks and Stands
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Char Lusk Book Cover Image

This book is Highly Recommended!
Char Lusk has brought forth a relevant, useful and much needed book. Undoubtedly, the most complete "how to" manual we've come across. Whether you already have or want to start a steel pan program for children or adults in a school, church, recreation or community situation, you will benefit from the information in this manual.
Collected during the author's many years of teaching steel pan, the informative, yet humorous data contained in this handbook is a compendium of valueable knowledge which others have since found useful when starting their own programs. What began as a list of "helpful hints" has grown into the detailed guidelines presented here.

Subjects covered include:

  • Items to clarify with your Pan maker
  • Pan names, patterns and ranges
  • Preparation and maintenance of Pans and equipment
  • Set up and safe handling
  • Storage and transportation
  • Repair
  • Rehearsal and Performance
  • Curriculum and grading
  • Basic music arranging
  • The Engine Room (percussion and set grooves for various styles and difficulty levels)
  • Resources
  • Historical information

Author: Barbara Porter

A Steel Drum Curriculum for Elementary Schools.

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Barbara Porter


Pan Round Book Cover Image

Barbara Porter has provided an excellent instructional resource for using Pans within the classroom. Each song was chosen with purpose to teach many concepts including:
  • One or more musical concepts
  • Valid to quality music instruction
  • Suitable for elementary children
  • Relevant to the music and history of the West Indies
All of the songs have been have been used successfully in the classroom.


Strategies For Starting, Building
And Maintaining Your Pan Program

Author: Chris Tanner

A comprehensive treatment by the director of the Miami University (Ohio) Steel Band.

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Pan Round Book Cover Image

Chris Tanner's experience and valuable insights are reflected in his discussion of the history of Pan as well as:
  • The selection and purchase of pans
  • The potential of 3 types of ensembles
  • The variety of repertoire
  • Basic techniques for both Pans and Percussion


Ray Holman's Changing Times

The six-track double CD includes an enhanced data disc featuring the music scores, composer profiles, as well as scorer and editor notes. The project was conceptualised by Mark Loquan, composed and scored by Ray Holman and Dr. Jeannine Remy and executed by the UWI ensemble..

Price: $125.00

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Changing Times cover image

Double CD, Enhanced Data, Audio recordings include:
Disc 1
  • 1. Sand Point Reggae
  • 2. Playa Larga
  • 3. Changing Time
  • 4. Waltz for Iris
  • 5. Heroes of the Nation
  • 6. Socking it with Steel
Disc 2 ­ Digital Files include: Scores in Sibelius, Midi, Finale and PDF formats. Categorization of Scores according to levels of difficulty. Also, a Composers profile: Ray Holman notes by Music Transcriber Dr. Jeannine Remy and Editor Satanand Sharma

Dr. Chris Hanning Island Grooves

Island Grooves is an instructional drum set DVD and CD-ROM Combo showcasing a world of Caribbean drumming never before covered in such detail..

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Island Grooves cover image

On the DVD, Chris Hanning demonstrates several styles including Calypso, Soca, Dub, Zouk, Shango, Party Soca, Traditional Island Favorites, and Reggae. The DVD contains seven play-along tracks with the Panyard Steel Orchestra, and three play-along tracks with Deighton "Revealer" Charlemagne.
The CD-ROM contains printable sheet music of the songs, grooves and exercies, plus 40 minutes of play-along recordings.

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